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Our Mission

1000 Moms in 100 communities reaching out to 10 families to create economic empowerment through organic living

What We Do

We start conversations, educate, empower, exchange recipes, and more. We share ideas on how to teach our children, and other parents, about nutrition and healthy living.

The Work of the Million Mom Movement is Two-Fold:

Educating moms to create cleaner and greener pantries. We empower economic decisions for our home, as well as food choices that elevate health.

Empowering moms to create businesses that are rooted in deep service towards a new economy, the social sharing economy, where we merge our values, our activism and our efforts to create a sustainable and abundant living sharing organic, non GMO superfood nutrition.

You can get involved in three ways:

Take the pledge and commit to the greening of yours and your families own diet and pantry

Learn more about how you can start your own business, become a Brand Partner with Purium and start earning residual income immediately by going here.

Apply for a Scholarship that will support you to receive $2500 worth of superfoods, as well as offer you the opportunity to become a Purium Brand Partner and start your home based business.

Have A Healthy Recipe Idea?

Learn More

We want to hear from our Million Moms. If you have a healthy recipe or amazing protein shake that you want to share this is your opportunity. We will highlight a recipe submission that we love and if your recipe is selected you will receive a Purium Apothe-Cherry tart cherry extract that contains phytonutrients and antioxidants that offer health-promoting benefits. 

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